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The MUD Slide

Iconoclast -- MUD

"I was trying to find other good MUDs, but I can't, really. This is the only one I've ever found that isn't really, really dumb..." -- Dante "Zip" St. Croix

The Iconoclast MUD itself is 100% original, and designed to be realistic (100s of shops, numerous hotels, dozens of beverages and foods, 100s of clothing options, etc) without being detrimental to play. The focus is on quality, not quantity, and great care goes into writing, building and character and plot development. Roleplaying is essential. If you're looking for something that tastes different than your typical hack-n-slash fantasy mud, feel free to drop by and visit us on the MUD right now at the following link: (telnet://iconoclast.org:7777).

The Iconoclast MUD does not exactly follow the Icon RPG rules as they are described on this website and elsewhere. Neither does it follow traditional MUD standards and practices. Numerous players have created guides to get new players started; a good place to start is Fi's FAQ Page.

"I look for 'cyberpunk roleplaying MUDs' on all the search engines, and this is the only one I can find..." -- Kieara "Kat" Orlina

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