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The MUD Slide

Iconoclast -- The World

Welcome to the dawn of the 22nd Century. Democracy has failed, having long since been replaced by a corporate mentality. Americorp and Eurocorp, on the verge of their second war over natural resources, are no longer the powers they once were. Globalization has led to a dispersal of resources and power. Money is the ultimate equalizer, and the ultimate goal; so much so that the value of the individual citizen has been all but erased.

There are no names now. There are only faces that pass each other by, like whispers on a foggy night. You are only what they have in their file, a value hastily scribbled in a column in a long-forgotten database, a mere calculation. You don't have feelings. You don't have any worth other than what you can do for them. You are not a person. You aren't even a character. You are an object. A thing. You are an icon.

Now, with no job, no money, and an uncertain future, you've picked up what little you have and headed to one of the few remaining bright spots on the planet: New Aurora, Oregon. Here, in this domed city of the future, there's shelter, food, money, a job, and hope... hope that you might one day be able to escape this hellhole your life has become, to achieve something greater than they could ever imagine. You will be an icon no longer.

You will become an Iconoclast.

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