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Iconoclast -- Navigation

The Iconoclast website is designed to be used in a variety of ways. It can be browsed like a typical website, jumping hyperlinks and using search tools to find the information you're looking for. It can also be browsed like a book, from one "cover" to the other.

On each page of the site, you'll find several different ways to move about. You may even find that several different links on the same page lead to the same page. This is not an error; it's a way of making the site easier for you to navigate, by allowing you to choose the way that's best for you. There are three main methods for navigation, some or all of which might be applicable to particular pages.

First, there are the five colored "eyes" at the top of the page. Clicking any of these will take you to the most relevant page concerning what's listed there. "About" is general information about Iconoclast; "Game" is information about game mechanics; "World" deals with the Iconoclast world itself; "Nav" brings you here; and "Com" has to do with various means of communicating with us and others using the site.

Second, there are a series of ever-changing links on the sidebar and on the page itself. Generally, the sidebar displays a few of the most relevant links in each of the five main categories, but entering specific areas of the site will cause this sidebar to change, collapsing some listings and expanding others. As might be expected, the links within the page itself also change with each page viewed.

Lastly, there are a series of small icons located directly above and below the main content section of each page. Icons lit in green are active and usable; icons that are grayed-out are not available.

Up and Down arrows, if lit up, will take you to the top and bottom of each page.

Left and Right arrows, when available, will take you to the "previous" or "next" page in line.

Plus and Minus signs, when glowing, will expand or collapse the amount of information on any given topic.

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