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Iconoclast -- Genotypes

In the world of Iconoclast, humans are no longer the only intelligent species on the planet. Decades of genetic manipulation and experimentation have resulted in the creation of numerous genotypes, a scientific term that describes all the members of a particular species sharing genetic traits. This is not the same thing as race; different members of each genotype can have features normally associated with a particular human race, from Asian to African to Anglo-Saxon.

Several of the genotypes, the Ragers and Spectres, were created through direct manipulation of living humans. Many others were created indirectly via a secret project known as the GOTHE (Genetically Optimized Thoroughbred Humanoid Experiment), a 50-year-old military program designed to breed the perfect warrior-being. Though the project was technically a success, it had several severe consequences. The beings it originally created, today known as Alpha GOTHEs, were almost unstoppable and unkillable--this created a problem when they began to turn on the very people who had created them. They were ultimately wiped out through a lengthy period of aggression, and their story would end there if the experiment itself had not had some unexpected results.

Through further genetic manipulation, and the surprising fertility of the Alpha GOTHEs, generations of new genotypes were born--the Beta GOTHs (so dubbed, sans "E", because they were not part of the original Experiment) and the original Savants. Less powerful than their predecessors, they were also more stable and controllable... and even more unexpectedly fertile. Their interbreeding with humans and each other created the other six genotypes known today: Daemons, Goths (aka gamma goths or "true" goths, now common enough and far enough removed from the original GOTHE and GOTHs to warrant the mostly lowercase classification), Morphs, Psychos, Shifters and Vampires.

Numbering in the thousands, none of these new genotypes are particularly numerous when compared to the billions of humans on the planet, but their tremendous capabilities make them true forces to be reckoned with. Of course, while members of each of the non-human genotypes contain within themselves the capacity for great power and promise, each also has the potential for great suffering and pain. Some are victims of their own conditions, resorting to illegal and dangerous activities to stay alive, while others are victims of society, shunned and ridiculed because of what they are. Genetic tinkering may have succeeded in creating superior races, but human nature is still, in many ways, trapped in the dark ages. Such is life in the world of Iconoclast.

The ten genotypes, in alphabetical order, are:

Daemon - The ultimate meshing of the mind and technology.

Goth - Mutant able to enhance any physical aspect of its body.

Human - The most technologically advanced species ever.

Morph - The ultimate meshing of the body and technology.

Psycho - An intelligent mutant with dangerous creativity.

Rager - A genetically-enhanced killing machine.

Savant - Intelligent sage able to manipulate nervous systems.

Shifter - Noble, feral warrior able to change form at will.

Spectre - Elite, agile combat operative and assassin.

Vampire - Not a cheesy myth; the ultimate survival adaptation.

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