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Iconoclast -- Tools

While it's not always practical to have a computer at hand when you're role-playing or LARPing, the tools we've provided on this website should help out nevertheless. Whether you're just prepping for tonight's gaming session, or gearing up to meet some friends online for a virtual session, you'll find plenty here to help you out.

No gaming website would be complete without a handy Dice Rolling Utility, so we've provided one here. This roller is restricted to d10 and d100 rolls, but when you're playing Iconoclast that's all you need anyway. The same limits apply to our Random Number Generator, which can be used to create sheets of random numbers (for use in lieu of dice) or simply to make generating characters easier.

For those who aren't exactly sure what they want to role-play, we've also provided a little Genotype Matching Utility. It works just like all those match-em-up quizzes online, except this one takes your answers to 15 questions and tells you which of our 10 genotypes is the best match for you.

Once you've got your genotype picked out, you'll need a name. Our Random Name Generator offers over six million different combinations of male and female names, generated from amongst the most common names and surnames in the United States of America. For those looking for a broader range of possibilities, and a more multicultural perspective, we are also providing an offsite link here to www.kabalarians.com, where you can research the meanings behind various names and pick one that's appropriate to your style of play.

After you've got a name, or if you just want a random description for an NPC, feel free to check out our Random Description Generator.

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