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The MUD Slide

Iconoclast -- Genotype Matcher

Having trouble picking a genotype? Answer the following questions and our system will suggest the best matches. Be sure to answer all 15 questions to ensure accuracy.

1. How important is combat and fighting to your icon?
It's what I live for - there's nothing else.
I enjoy kicking some ass now and then.
I'll defend myself and my friends if it all goes bad.
I know how to defend myself if I have to.
I prefer to avoid violence at all costs.
I don't know.
2. How would you describe your desired appearance?
Totally inhuman.
Many inhuman qualities.
A few odd qualities.
Almost entirely normal-looking.
Totally human-looking.
I don't know.
3. How important is physical mutability (ability to change) to your icon?
I am highly capable of change.
I am capable of some major changes.
I am capable of some moderate changes.
I can change a few things internally.
I am not capable of physical mutation at all.
I don't know.
4. How would you describe your icon's religious beliefs?
Eastern/Mystical/Native American.
Wiccan/New Age.
I don't know.
5. How sociable is your icon likely to be?
Very social - I make friends easily.
Somewhat social - people tend to like me.
Average sociability.
I like people; they just don't like me.
I prefer to be alone all the time.
I don't know.
6. What is your icon's ideal family structure?
Extended Family (10+ members).
Large family (6+).
Typical family (4-5).
Small family (2-3).
No family - just me.
I don't know.
7. How would your icon's financial picture look?
Who cares - never had it, never needed it.
Good - never wanted for anything.
Impoverished - it's a struggle to get by.
Destitute - never had it, could have used it.
I don't know.
8. How educated would your icon probably be?
College degree/Graduate school.
Some college.
High School/GED.
Grade School.
I learned all I needed to know in Kindergarten.
I don't know.
9. How would you describe your icon's alcohol/drug dependency?
I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me.
I can quit whenever I want to.
I drink when I'm out with friends.
I tried it once, but didn't inhale.
I'm a straightedger.
I don't know.
10. Where did your icon spend most of his/her childhood?
I had a childhood?
In schools and labs.
Home, with family and friends.
In a hospital.
On the streets, running wild.
I don't know.
11. How would you describe your icon's physical stature?
Quite Tall.
A little below average.
Pretty short.
I don't know.
12. What is your icon's skin tone?
Darkity dark dark.
I've got a California tan.
I'm ruddy from being outdoors a lot.
I'm a typical paleface.
People think I'm dead sometimes.
I don't know.
13. How would you describe your relationship with technology?
I'm totally immersed in it - bring on the cybernetics.
I'm a whiz around computers.
I know as much as the next guy.
I avoid using computers whenever possible.
I'm a Neo-Luddite.
I don't know.
14. If you had to pick one, which of the following would be most appealing?
Claws and fangs.
Big muscles.
Mental prowess.
Acrobatic ability.
The ability to blend in.
I don't know.
15. You are walking down an alleyway when you come across a large group of gangers mugging someone. How do you help?
Run screaming into the alley and attack them barehanded.
Draw a weapon and get them from a distance.
Sneak up on them, and attack from behind.
Develop a plan of attack, and support cohorts from a distance.
Help? Why would I want to help?
I don't know.

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