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Iconoclast -- Random Number Generator

The following script is used to generate random number sheets. These can be used to accelerate number generation during role-playing sessions, or to replace dice during LARP situations where rolling dice is not practical, or whenever you're feeling lazy.

Generating a set of Repeating numbers means that for any set, all numbers may be repeated any number of times -- this is true randomness. A Nonrepeating set is a set of numbers within which the same number will appear only once -- this is forced randomness. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For generating sheets of numbers to use for an entire night of role-playing, Nonrepeating numbers will allow for an overall more fair-handed session, since for every 100 numbers you'll only get one of each number. However, if you're generating characters using d10s, you will probably want to use Repeating, since otherwise you'll get one of each number, and your attributes will generally suffer for it.

The results will load in a new window, allowing you to easily cut and paste, print or simply SAVE AS. To keep things within the realms of reason, this script will generate up to 1500 numbers at a time (that's 15 batches of 100 numbers), but to maintain printability, a good number of results to generate is, at most, 10 sets of 100 numbers. To generate more numbers, simply reload to use the same criteria, or close the new window and enter new criteria here.

I want batch(es) of number(s) from 1 to
Repeating     Nonrepeating

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