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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Attributes

Attributes are a measure of your icon's physical and mental capabilities. They include five physical attributes (Endurance, Strength, Potential, Agility, and Mutation), five mental attributes (the same as for physical) and three other "secondary attributes": Trauma Capacity, Vitality and Meta. There are also several "tertiary attributes" which can be used during game play as you see fit, but they are not likely to be used regularly.

The secondary attributes (aka derivatives) are derived from the primary attributes, instead of from random rolls. There is no maximum limit for Trauma, Meta or Vitality, although obviously your current number cannot be greater than your maximum. There are abilities and procedures that can temporarily boost these numbers.

Attributes are much more mutable in this system than in most other games you may be familiar with. Attribute scores will vary depending on what sort of icon you play, and will go up (using certain skills, pieces of equipment, and medical augmentations) and/or down (via severe injury or illness) as time goes by.

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