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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Secondary Attributes

(PE + ME + PS + MS + PP + MP)

Trauma Capacity is a measure of a person's entire being, body and mind together, to take pain, damage, stress (ie. Trauma) before these things begin to permanently and more seriously affect the overall person. Trauma capacity depends a great deal on one's Physical and Mental Endurance. The higher your MTC, or "Maximum Trauma Capacity," the better you are at avoiding, soaking up and ignoring minor injuries and stress to your body.

Trauma is more than just damage. It is a measure of how much a body or object breaks down, suffers pain, etc. before the body becomes totally incapable of any more. Thus, when your CTC, or "Current Trauma Capacity," reaches 0, your "Trauma Threshold," your body can tolerate no more Trauma (pain, stress, beatings, etc.), and you become dead.

(PP + MP + PA + MA + PM + MM)

Meta by itself is a prefix, implying transformation or transcendence. In Iconoclast, it refers to the essence of a icon's being, and is used to power special abilities, including most skills. Call it adrenaline, call it ki or chi, call it mystical power (just don't call it mana), it can be used at times when there's nothing else to fall back on.

One of the most common uses of Meta is in the activation of the special abilities of the various genotypes. For each of these powers, there will be a Meta activation and/or maintenance cost. If there is no cost listed, there is no cost. Simple.

(PS + MS + PP + MP + PA + MA)

Vitality is a measure of the amount of energy your body has available, mental and physical, to perform strenuous activities which may involve lengthy periods of time or an extreme output of energy. It is used when you perform any normal activity which requires an expulsion of physical and/or mental energy. Even walking for long distances can require a great deal of energy.

Most actions within combat rounds will reduce Vitality appropriately (using the combat skill, running at high speed, acrobatic maneuvers, martial arts, etc.). It is thus very easy to lose a few Vitality points per round of combat: if you are not prepared for it and do not have time to rest, you will quickly run low on Vitality and your actions will become compromised.

Vitality is also used to determine the order of action within combat rounds; those with higher Vitality go before those of lower Vitality. Since Vitality is lost during the course of combat, the balance of power can quickly shift if one side becomes fatigued.

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