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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Tertiary Attributes

The tertiary attributes are also derived from the primary attributes, instead of from random rolls. These are the scores that won't come into play in everyday role-playing, but they're available in case you need them.

Max. Carry
PS x 10 (pounds) or PS x 4.5 (kilograms)

You can carry less than the maximum indefinitely with no additional effects. Carrying more than the max costs 1 Vitality per minute or round per extra pound (or 2 kilograms) until Vitality is depleted, and you collapse.

Max. Press
Max Carry x 2

This is the amount you can lift over your head at one time, holding it there for one round (6 seconds). Longer periods of time and more weight sap Vitality at a rate of 1 point per round until Vitality is depleted, at which time you should hope you have a spotter.

(PE + PS + PP + PA + PM) / 5

The average of all 5 physical scores (your Physical Composite, or PC, divided by 5) is your Speed. This number is used to represent several factors which may come into play during the course of a game.

First of all, this number represents how quickly you can run in Miles Per Hour. If the number is 20, you can attain a top foot speed of 20 MPH. For those accustomed to the Metric System, multiplying this number by 1.6 will give you Kilometers Per Hour. In either case, you can sustain this top speed for one round per 2 Vitality points (running costs 2 Vitality points per round). Thus, if you have 100 Vitality and you take off at a dead run, you have 50 rounds of running (5 minutes) before you must slow down and take a quick breather.

However, MPH and KPH are not really valuable numbers for determining movement during combat and role-play situations. Thus, this number is also used to represent your top speed during combat maneuvers, being the number of yards or meters that you can move per round (6 seconds).

Mathematics nuts (and people with too much time on their hands) will no doubt point out that yards and meters are not the same, particularly at higher speeds. However, for the ranges we're working at (with attributes typically falling between 10-35), yards and meters per round are almost identical. With a score of 20, the margin of error is only 2; that is to say, if you allow that 20 stands for yards per round, then insisting on total accuracy would mean 19 meters per round. It's much easier for the sake of expediency (and fun) to just say they're the same.

For the sake of explaining this reasoning, the average human walking speed is roughly 8 meters or 9 yards per 6 seconds. During combat, you're almost always going to be moving slightly faster; thus, this "evasive maneuvering" is considered to be taking place at twice normal walking speed (or, on average, 54 feet/18 yards/16 meters per round). This also results in a loss of 1 Vitality per round.

In a pinch, should you need to determine it for purposes of races or running away from certain death, you can generate the "flat-out running" speed of an icon by doubling your Speed number (roughly 4x normal walking speed, or 108 feet/36 yards/32 meters per round). This results in a loss of 2 Vitality per round, as explained above.

Combat penalties and Vitality loss based on movement are discussed further in "Modifiers".

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