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æthereal FORGE ™

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Iconoclast -- RPG -- The FORGE System

FORGE stands for "Flexible Optimized Role-playing Game Engine." Flexible, in that the rules defining how it operates are designed to adapt to just about any situation; Optimized, in that it's a very simple, yet powerful system. In fact, it's so simple that we can teach you everything you need to know about the system in just a few steps.

Three "rules" apply to all game mechanics in the FORGE system:

1. Everything is based on 100 percent.
2. Always modify the target, never the roll.
3. When rounding numbers, those less than 5 (1-4) round down to the
nearest 10, those 5 or greater (5-9) round up to the nearest 10.

That's really all you need to know to play. However, we will attempt to explain it a bit more than that, so you'll probably want to know what we mean by the following terms:

Action - any attempt to do anything; in general, you only get one action
per round, but certain skills can allow more

Target - your chance to succeed at your attempt (Attrib + Skill + Mods)

Roll - a d100 rolled to attempt to hit the target

Success - any roll which is within (less than or equal to) the target

Failure - any roll which is outside of (greater than) the target

It's also worth noting that the FORGE system itself is available in several different variants, or flavors. The primary core rules use what's known as FORGE Silver, our middle-of-the-road system. Other variants include FORGE Bronze, a simpler, streamlined system, and FORGE Gold, which allows for more precise calculations for those who love to crunch numbers.

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