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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Combat Actions

The position within which your icon falls inside of combat determines how many actions (and reactions) they can perform within a combat round. Faster, more agile icons will obviously get to do more than less agile icons. Such is the way of the world.

Every icon can act or react once within each beat of a combat round that they are able to actively participate in. This means that at a bare minimum, all but the slowest individuals will be able to act at least once every round.

Ex.1:Josef the Spectre is fortunate enough to currently fall into beat
1. Before anyone else can do anything, he can act, since beat 1 is an
action round. Because of his superior capabilities, he can also act in
beats 2 and 4, and can react in beats 3 and 5. But beat 6 is not open to
him based on his skills.

Ex.2:Bobby the human has a PA of 15, pretty average for a human. He gets
to act in beat 4, and can react to any attacks on him in beat 5. Beat 6
is also not open to him.

The important thing to remember is that while attacks are sent at the defender during an action phase, the damage is not received until the defender's reaction phase. This doesn't mean that time is stopped in any magical way--it's just a way of breaking time down into chunks for the purposes of the system. In actuality, a 6-second combat round is a wild, scary, fast-moving situation with blows being exchanged, dodging and running and ducking and so on.

Ex.1:Josef the Spectre attacks Bobby in beat 1, acting quicker than most
humans can perceive, rolling against his Target of 50 and getting a
success of 35 (which after damage modification becomes a 12). He then
acts again in beat 2, with a success of a 24 (damage 8), and again in
beat 4, with a failure of 57. Bobby's first ability to act is in beat 4,
and since Josef is pounding on him he opts to hit back, rolling against
a Target of 40 and getting a 39 (damage of 15).

Now that all the actions have been taken care of, we enter beat 5,
the first reactive phase in which both our participants are able to
react. The first to react is the faster party, Josef, who has to deal
with the baseball bat that Bobby has swung at his head. He opts to
dodge, and rolls against his Target of 50, getting a success of 25; this
being greater than Bobby's 15 damage, he successfully dodges the blow.

Meanwhile, Bobby has to react to the two incoming attacks from Josef.
Since he can only react to one action, he opts to do nothing about
the weaker of the two blows, and so Josef's second attack (damage
8) goes right through and gets Bobby in the arm. But he can try to dodge
the other attack, and so he rolls against his Target of 50 and gets a
10. It's a success, but alas, it's not a good enough dodge to avoid that
damage of 12 which Josef sent his way. Bobby takes 12 and 8, and thus
suffers a total of 20 Trauma damage for that round.

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