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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Combat

In order to make things fun, simple, fast and realistic, there is only one combat skill, and it is treated just like any other skill, and used for both striking and dodging. All dice-rolling situations in Iconoclast, including combat, are designed to be fun, simple, fast and realistic, in that order:

Fun -- You know, "enjoyable." It doesn't drag, its not dull, you don't
spend hours rolling dice to determine if Bob slipped and broke his pinky
finger. We trust you. Be creative. Roleplay. This is key. We're not here
to dictate things on a subatomic level. This ties directly into the
other aspects we have listed, since they are the key to "fun."

Simple -- This means few rolls. Almost all the "action" should be
happening in someone's head. There is no "to hit" roll followed by a
"hit location" roll, followed by a "damage" roll combined with various
other variables, wind speed, ambient lighting, temperature, and the
airspeed of an unladen African swallow.

Fast -- Meaning it follows real "street" combat. The "fight" may last
for hours as you are pinned inside a building by snipers, but the
"action" is fast. Bullets do their damage in less than a second. Let's
not make it feel like rounds are travelling in bullet time.

Realistic -- You get shot in the head, you fall over. Death doesn't come
easy with the current level of medical technology, but it does happen.
Your wonderful black leather jacketisn't going to stop a .45 round from
suddenly rearranging vital portions of your anatomy.

It should be noted here that all combat actions use the Combat skill as a means of resolution, both for attack and defense. When choosing which tier of skill to use, the choice is up to the actor in each case, be it attack or defense; typically you will use your best mode to attack and defend, but if you choose to attack with combat:unarmed and defend with combat:melee, that's your choice.

Ex.1: Rahl is wandering down a dark alley when he is accosted by Kram.
Since combat ensues, both of these guys rely on their combat skills:

Rahl: Combat(PA):10, Firearms(PA):10, Rifle(PA):5
Kram: Combat(PA):20, Melee(PA):15

Since Rahl sees Kram coming, he has time to raise his rifle and fire.
This allows him to use his Rifle tier, giving him a base number of 25.
To this, he adds in his PA, which is a 10, giving him a Target of 35.
The Admin is nice and decides to not bother with penalties. Since Kram
is using a knife, and Rahl is using a rifle, Rahl can hit Kram well
before Kram can get into deadly range. Rahl fires, rolls a 10, and gets
within his target. His rifle has a damage multiplier of x20, which means
that he takes the first digit of his roll (a 1) and multiplies it by 20
to generate damage. Since 1 times 20 is 20, that is how much damage he
sends at Kram.

However, since this is a contested roll, Kram gets some say as to
whether or not he's been hit. Since it's combat, there are three
possibilities. The first is to do nothing--to let the bullet hit him,
and absorb the damage with his armor, flesh and bone. The second is to
deflect (not possible in this case, since we're dealing with a bullet,
and bullets cannot be deflected). The third option is to dodge (and
while you can't technically dodge bullets, you can move around in an
evasive pattern to make yourself harder to hit.)

In this case, Kram opts to dodge, but it turns out he doesn't have any
skills which would apply to dodging ability; thus his defense is relying
entirely on his PA of 12 and his Broad Combat skill level of 20. Praying
to Cthulhu, Kram rolls against his target of 32, and gets a 21. Also
within his target, Kram then compares his successful defense roll of 21
against the incoming damage of 20. Since Kram got higher, Kram wins. The
bullet misses, and Rahl is in trouble now.

Ex.2: Kram has been shot at by Rahl. But now Kram is within striking
distance with his knife, and Rahl can't use his rifle because he can't
bring it down to aim properly. Kram slashes at Rahl with his nasty old
knife. Adding his PA and the appropriate tiers, he gets a 47 Target
(20+15+12). Rolling a 34, he gets a success, and multiplies the first
digit (a 3) by his knife's damage multiplier (x4) and gets an 12.

Of course, since this is a contested roll, Rahl gets to defend. Since
he, too, has no specialized defense skills, he also opts to dodge, since
he's not too keen in just letting Kram stab him in the chest, and he
doesn't want to worry about deflecting a knife with his expensive rifle.
Thus, he's relying solely on his PA of 15 and his Broad Combat tier of
10 as a defense (total 25). Normally it would be pretty darn easy to
dodge out of the way of Kram's pitiful slash (incoming damage of 8
represents a pretty weak attempt), but Rahl's luck is running out. He
rolls an 11, and unfortunately, this is less than Kram's success, and so
Kram hits him. Rahl takes 8 points of Trauma damage.

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