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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Targets

The first thing to decide is if your action requires a target at all. If you are pulling out a weapon, or grabbing your radio, or dropping your vinyl backpack, these do not require targets, and thus do not count as "actions" per se. You can do as many of these "non-actions" per unit of time as you like, within reason, at the discretion of the administrator. However, you can only ever perform one "target-requiring" action within an action round (unless you're using a skill which allows you to do more than one).

In order to perform an action, you need a roll (representing your attempt) and a target (the number you're trying to hit). When it comes to rolls involving skill, the target, which represents the limits of your chance to succeed, is based upon your own capabilities.

In order to get a target number, whether in combat or not, you first find the appropriate skill tier. When determining which skill to use, you get as specific as you can, always falling back to more general tiers if you don't have the specifics, and falling back to a raw attribute score if you lack all skill required. Then you add in the appropriate attribute, and adjust it with any modifiers. The formula looks like this:

1. Find the appropriate tier of the skill. If you lack an appropriate
skill, skip to step 3.

2. Add all appropriate tiers leading to that skill.

3. Add the appropriate attribute score.*

4. Add/subtract any modifiers.

*This number is typically recorded on your icon's dossier as a Target,
and in most situations it will, indeed, be the final Target number,
barring any necessary modifications. Because it's almost always the
final, true Target, it's referred to as such by default

If you take into account that there are 3 skill tiers of up to 25 points each, and an attribute score with a normal human maximum of 25 points, it's easy to see that a typical skill roll, without modifiers, is based on 100 (25 times 4). It's also easy to see that this system heavily weighs the importance of skills over attributes--3/4 of your target is based on skill.

Your icon's dossier sheet is designed in such a way as to allow you to precalculate subtotals beforehand, reducing the amount of mathematics you'll need to deal with during gameplay. The only additons/subtractions to make during play will be modifiers, and in most cases those will be few and far between.

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