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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Modifiers

Combat takes place with the assumption that participants are moving at "combat speed", meaning they will all move at roughly 20-25 yards/meters per round. This general range provides the basic means of determination for combat modifiers.

If the distance between actor and reactor is within 25 yards (75 feet), no penalties or modifiers for distance will apply. If the distance is decreased, bonuses apply; if the distance is increased, penalties will apply. This allows for quick combats, without needing to worry about modifiers in most cases, while allowing for a degree of realism when other situations arise.

-100 Insane (126+)
-80 Extreme (101-125)
-60 Extended (76-100)
-40 Long Range (51-75)
-20 Medium (26-50)

+20 Point Blank (about 1)
+40 Touching (0)
+60 Grappling (0)
+80 Restrained (0)
+100 Suicide (-1)

Point Blank implies the actor and reactor (or their weapons) are within one meter/yard of one another at the time of target consideration.

Touching implies just that; actual contact with another at the time the target is being generated (gun pressed to temple, knife to throat).

Grappling implies not only physical contact, but some degree of physical enclosure (arm wrapped around head, other hand holding knife to throat).

Restrained implies that the target is not only being physically contacted, but is also physically unable to free him/herself.

"Suicide" implies either self-inflicted damage or anything that's just as lethal, implying things like a gun placed inside someone's mouth (which is actually at a negative range, and is thus as good as a sure hit).

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