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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Icon Generation

Some people think that creating a character is half the fun; other people want the exciting aspect of having something unknown or different. At some times, the only thing that matters is speed--for instance you may have just showed up and the game starts in 10 minutes, or you might only have a few hours to kill, and you don't want to spend 2 hours having everyone "roll up" an icon. Our system will allow you to easily create a basic icon with little effort, or even the most complex character with only a smidge more.

The quickest way to get started is to grab one of our ready-made character templates and fill in some background information. If you enjoy creating your own characters, however, you'll probably want to make one from scratch. In either case, you'll need to know what you're getting into before you start rolling. And that means you need to know about genotypes.

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