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3. Reduce supra-maximum scores
The normal human maximum (and the maximum starting score for all genotypes, unless otherwise listed) is 25, but modified humans and some unmodified genotypes can get to about 35 in any stat before massive modifications are required; ordinary-sized bodies and minds can only do so much.

If any scores exceed genotype maximums after you've applied bonuses, you must reduce them to the maximum. These extra points are not always lost; instead, they "cascade down" into PP (for physical scores) or MP (for mental scores). In a case where a PP or MP score is higher than the maximum, the extra points are then lost.

The following are the maximum starting attributes for each genotype:

Daemon: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:25 PA:30 PM:25) (ME:25 MS:25 MP:25 MA:35 MM:30)]
Goth: [(PE:25 PS:30 PP:35 PA:25 PM:30) (ME:25 MS:25 MP:25 MA:25 MM:25)]

Human: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:25 PA:25 PM:25) (ME:25 MS:25 MP:25 MA:25 MM:25)]
Morph: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:25 PA:30 PM:35) (ME:25 MS:25 MP:25 MA:30 MM:25)]

Psycho: [(PE:30 PS:25 PP:25 PA:25 PM:25) (ME:30 MS:25 MP:25 MA:25 MM:35)]
Rager: [(PE:30 PS:35 PP:25 PA:25 PM:25) (ME:30 MS:25 MP:25 MA:25 MM:25)]

Savant: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:25 PA:25 PM:25) (ME:25 MS:35 MP:30 MA:25 MM:30)]
Shifter: [(PE:35 PS:30 PP:25 PA:25 PM:30) (ME:25 MS:25 MP:25 MA:25 MM:25)]

Spectre: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:25 PA:35 PM:25) (ME:25 MS:30 MP:25 MA:30 MM:25)]
Vampire: [(PE:25 PS:25 PP:30 PA:25 PM:25) (ME:25 MS:30 MP:35 MA:25 MM:25)]

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