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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Icon Generation

1. Generate raw scores
The first step is to create raw attribute scores. To do this, you will use one of the several Icon Generation Systems that there are to choose from:

IGS 1 - Distribute 10 points per attribute. Roll 1d10 10 times and add
each to the attribute of your choice.

This is the standard, recommended method, and generates mostly average to high-average scores between 13 and 17. The total point spread is between 110 and 200.

IGS 2 - Roll 3d10, discarding the lowest die. Add the remaining total
to the attribute of your choice. Repeat for each attribute.

This method lends more weight to sheer chance, since you have an equal chance of rolling 3 bad numbers as you do of rolling 3 good numbers. It tends to generate much the same numbers as in IGS 1, but is designed for groups that don't like creating icons via point distribution, preferrring to leave it to a die roll. The total point spread varies greatly. If you're going by our recommended standard rules, the spread will be between 50 and 200. If you're playing hardball (see below), the spread can fall between 10 and 200.

IGS 3 - Distribute 5 points per attribute. Then spend 100 points however
you want.

This is recommended for more advanced players who have a very good idea of what sort of icon they want to create. Assuming even distribution, it generates 10 scores of 15, but is obviously designed to give players the capability to design their own strengths and weaknesses. The total point spread is always exactly 150.

IGS 4 - Whatever you decide. Systems are workable if they generate raw
scores of between 5 and 25, and use d10s as their source. If
you choose to create a group of super-strong icons, feel free
to create a weighted IGS which gives them higher scores.
Likewise, if you prefer a challenge, feel free to do the
opposite. It's up to you. You'd do it anyway, even if we told
you not to, so we may as well make it look like our idea.

In all cases, this is the first and last time you'll need to roll dice during character generation, so you can put the dice away or pass them along to the next person at this point.

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