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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Icon Generation

4. Raise sub-minimum scores
Scores of 0 are reserved for special cases (eg. Robot PM = 0), and usually mean you are either not mortal or are dead. Scores below 5 also indicate severe deficiencies, and often create unplayable icons. Thus, if any scores are below 5 at this point, they must be raised to 5 by spending PP (for physical scores) or MP (for mental scores) at a one-to-one ratio, point for point. That is to say, if my MA score is a 3, I must spend 2 points of MP in order to raise it to a 5, and my MP is reduced by 2 points.

If borrowing points from MP or PP would reduce one or both of those scores to below 5, you should probably recreate your icon from scratch, since this is a good indication that chance has thrown a weak icon your way, and he or she would not likely survive very long on the tough streets of 2100.

At this point, you should have 10 numbers created. All other numbers needed for your character generation are derived from these 10 numbers.

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