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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Skills

Skills are what set you apart from others. They are the things you excel at, the characteristics that define who you are and what you can become. They are also the basis for the Iconoclast game system.

Skills, in general, should only be a guideline, and not something to replace role-playing through a situation. Skill rolls are only needed to come to conclusions on variables, not interactions between two icons. For example, a skill roll would interfere in a situation where you are attempting to get someone to hire you. Since this is a role-played situation, skill rolls might force you to make a decision your icon would not otherwise make. The mere absence or presence of an appropriate skill should be considered in the role-playing situation, but that doesn't mean you should go to the dice right away.

There will be situations where the dice are needed, and that's why there are numbers associated with skills. Combat, for example, is decided eventually by rolls determining whether an icon defends successfully against attack or not. Another example is dancing; most people cannot dance, and no icon should automatically be great at dancing when it comes time for it during a role-playing scenario. Hence, the dance skill is there to provide a guideline:

"Yes, Trinity, you may say that you're James Bond on the dance
floor, but your dance skill is only a 2. I mandate you tripping."

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