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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Adding Skills

Adding New Skills
No role-playing system could ever hope to cover the entirety of human existence, including this one. While we've gone pretty far to include as many skills as possible, there are no doubt going to be situtions we haven't touched on here. As with anywhere else in the system, you are encouraged to fill in the blanks as they apply to you.

When creating a skill, the most important thing is to keep the Broad tier of the skill as broad as possible, and the Specific tier of the skill as specific as possible.

Let's look at an example. Say you have an icon who likes to cook, so you think you want to add in the skill known as Cooking.

Cooking, thus, becomes the Broad tier of the skill, representing your chances to cook just about anything, from opening a can of soup to making toast to baking a cake, and so on.

The Narrowed tier of this skill needs to partition the entirety of Cooking up into neat little slices. If we take a look at cooking, one avenue is immediately clear--organizing by country--since every country on Earth has its own way of preparing food. For our Narrowed tier, thus, we allow an icon to Narrow their focus by learning more about the cuisine of a country, so we get French cuisine, or Italian cuisine, and so on. This is how Iron Chef does it, for example.

So how does our Specific tier fit in? Well, let's take a look at our last tier, Narrowed, where we split things up by country. Can we differentiate between types of cooking within a certain country? We certainly can. The Specific tier of cooking, then, is based on specializing in the cuisine of a particular region of a particular country, or in a particular type of food preparation within that country.

A quick breakdown of our new skill shows us the possibilities:



--Sushi chef



Every skill tier also needs an associated attribute score. This attribute can change from tier to tier, or remain the same throughout, but in all cases should be tied into what the skill allows you to do.

PE - Toughness and pain tolerance are important here.
PS - Brute force or strength is what it takes get the job done.
PP - The skill relies on the process of building the body in some way.
PA - Quick reactions and manual dexterity are the focus of this skil.
PM - A body capable of intense change is mandatory for this skill.

ME - The skill relies on willpower and determination.
MS - Raw intelligence and brain power are the key to this skill.
MP - The skill involves the process of learning or expanding the mind.
MA - Quick thought and lightning wit are important to this skill.
MM - A mind that's different from the norm is the key here.

Finally, skills need a cost, and effects. Most skills have no particular cost associated with their use, but when they involve a special ability or unusual situation, they will probably require Meta. The standard cost involving Meta is an initial expenditure of 10 Meta, plus 1 per unit of time for maintaining the skill. This is noted as 10M+1M/unit.

The particular effects of a skill obviously vary from skill to skill. No skill should ever involve more than half the die roll as a modifier; since rolls of up to 100 are possible, this means modifiers of up to 50 are possible--anything more than this can severely imbalance gameplay and should be avoided at all costs.

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