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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Skill List

The following is a list of BROAD and Narrowed tier skills; since specific tier skills are in some ways countless, they are not listed here for space considerations.

ADAPT (PM) - Vampire only
Bloodcurdle - Reduce trauma by 1/2 skill roll
Darksight - See in near darkness
Devolution - Increase combat targets by 1/2 skill roll
Fearomone - Incite fear in targets
Nightmask - Increase disguise target by 1/2 skill roll

Bugs - Affinity with bugs, insects and arachnids.
Farm Animals - Affinity with the sorts of creatures found on farms.
Domestic/Tame - Affinity with the sorts of animals usually kept as pets.
Wild - Affinity with the beasts of the wild.

Acrobatics - Increase dodge targets by 1/2 skill roll.
Aquatics - Increase combat-related targets by 1/2 skill roll when on or under water.
Equestrian - Knowing how to ride horses is different from knowing how to breed them.
Extreme - Typically solo sport activities involving life-threatening situations.
Team - Anything involving cooperation against another team.
Track and Field - Raw athletics encompassing running, jumping and throwing things.

Administrative/Bureaucratic - Enforcing laws and running things.
Economic - The finer points of how money, banks and markets work.
Legislative/Judicial - Making laws and, when necessary, interpreting them.

Firearms - Any mechanical device using a chemical reaction to drive a projectile.
Melee - Any hand-held, non-projectile device used to inflict damage.
Ranged - Any device which uses a mechanical or hand-driven projectile to damage.
Unarmed - Skills which damage without the use of a weapon.

Dance - You're a skilled dancer; whether you're a professional or not is up to you.
Design - Let others perform; you work behind the scenes and build the framework.
Fine Arts - Also referred to as visual arts, involves producing works of beauty.
Music - Your specialty is the art of taking noise and making beautiful sounds.
Theatre - Star of stage and/or screen, in one way or another.
Writing - Your art is the art of the written word.

Persuasion - Convincing others that a spoken lie is the truth.
Forgery - Making something appear to be other than what it really is.
Impersonation - Making yourself appear to be someone else.
Physical - Various arts of deception which involve other objects or people.

Archaic - Modern materials have made many these skills obsolete... and more valuable.
Biochemical - Working on the level of the molecule and the cell to make things happen.
Computer - In a world where everything is computerized, this is quite a useful talent.
Electronic - The art of working with electrons and the things that move them.
Mechanical - Developing and maintaining things with moving parts.
Physical - Making big things out of metal so they don't fall down (or apart).

ENHANCE (PM) - Goth only
Chan - Increase PA by 1/2 skill roll.
Flash - Increase Speed by 1/2 skill roll.
Franken - Increase PS by 1/2 skill roll.
Hulk - Increase PE by 1/2 skill roll.
Iceman - Decrease burn/heat/fire trauma by 1/2 skill roll.

Business/Political - You may not be a politician, but you know how to talk to one.
Cultural - You know how to not offend the people of a particular country or area.
Dining - The art of eating gracefully.
Gang - It may not involve pleasantries, but gangs have an an etiquette all their own.
Military - Whether you're enlisted or not, knowing how to talk to officers is helpful.
Police/Security - How not to get arrested, shot or killed.
Religious - In an era where people take religion seriously, a matter of life or death.

GROK (MS) - Daemon only
Grep - A rapid mental search through large quantities of raw data.
Powercycle - The ability to toggle power on and off, without hitting the switch.
Track - Lock onto targets and follow them wherever they go.
Tripwire - Automatically trigger other effects without conscious effort.
Uplink - Connect to the Matrix, acting as a computer without actually using one.

American Sign Language (ASL), Amerindian (polyglot), Arabic,
Armenian, Basque, Bavarian,
Belorusian, Bengali, Bulgarian,
Burmese, Cambodian, Cantonese,
Cherokee, Chinglish (Chinese/English), Croatian,
Czech, Danish, Dutch,
English (Modern), English Sign Language (ESL), Esperanto,
Estonian, Finnish, French,
French Sign Language, Gaelic, German,
Greek, Modern, Hawai'ian, Hebrew,
Hindustani, Hungarian, Icelandic,
Indonesian, Interlingua, Italian,
Japanese, Klingon, Korean,
Kurdish, Latin, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Mandarin (Chinese), Mohawk,
Mongolian, Morse Code, Navajo,
Nepalese, Norwegian, Persian,
Pidgin, Polish, Portuguese,
Punjabi, Rasta, Romanian,
Romany, Russian, Sardinian
Scots, Serbian, Sinhalese,
Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,
Spanglish (Spanish/English), Sudanese, Swahili,
Swedish, Tagalog, Thai,
Turkish, Ukranian, Viennese,
Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

Emergency - Fixing problems and conditions when things have gone bad.
Preventative - Diagnosing and treating symptoms to prevent ailment.
Veterinary - The gamut of treating animals for medical conditions.

MORPH (PM) - Morph only
Degradation - Increase current trauma by 1/2 skill roll.
Fingerpick - Increase lockpicking targets by skill roll.
Leechsteel - Increase healing rate by absorbing metallic objects.
Messermode - Arm becomes weapon with multiplier equal to 1 plus 1/10 skill roll
Sever - Create an object by sacrificing part of the body.

ESP - At Admin's discretion; using the "sixth sense" to perceive things.
Sight - Using visual clues to accomplish tasks.
Smell/Taste - Using the linked senses of taste and smell clues to accomplish tasks.
Sound - Using auditory clues to accomplish tasks.

Boat, Sail - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Fixed Wing Aircraft - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Ground, Tread-Driven - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Ground, Less than 4-wheel - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Ground, 4-wheel - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Ground, More than 4-wheel - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Gyro/Helicopter - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Hovercar - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Hovercycle - More about this skill will be added shortly.
LTA (Lighter Than Air) - More about this skill will be added shortly.
Ship - More about this skill will be added shortly.

POTLUCK (MA) - Human only

PSYCHE (PM) - Psycho only
Dementia - Make other people perceive things that aren't really there.
Masochism - Increase vitality by up to 1/2 incoming trauma damage.
Mindbomb - Cause others to suffer skill target penalties.
Sadism - Increase vitality by up to 1/2 of trauma damage inflicted on others.
Sadomasochism - Redirect some incoming damage to the person who caused it.
Spasm - Cause others to suffer random sensory-related skill penalties or damage.

RAGE (PS) - Rager only
Berserk - Increase PS, PE and PP by 1/2 skill roll.
Feat of Strength - Increase PS by 1/2 skill roll.
Ignorance - Ignore some damage.
Intimidate - Increase influence by 1/2 skill roll.
Second Wind - Increase vitality by 1/2 skill roll.

SAVOIR (MM) - Savant only
Boost - Increase MS by 1 point per meta spent.
Demi-boost - Increase MS by 1/2 skill roll.
Self-importance - Increase influence by 1/2 skill roll.
Mute - Cause target to be unable to speak.
Vertigo - Victims' movement and combat targets decreased by 1/2 skill roll.

Archaeology - The study of the physical remnants of ancient cultures.
Anthropology - The study of living cultures.
Biochem - Biochemical engineering is technology; this is raw knowledge and science.
History - The study and interpretation of verbal and written records of past cultures.
Literature - The study of words and how people use them creatively.
Mathematics - Numbers and number theory.
Philosophy - The study of raw knowledge and the interpretation of the human condition.
Physics - Physical action, interaction and reaction.
Psychology - The study of the human mind and how it works and thinks.

SHIFT (PM) - Shifter only
Amphi - Adopt some of the characteristics of an amphibian.
Lupin - Adopt some of the characteristics of a wolf.
Ratus - Adopt some of the characteristics of a rodent.
Rhino - Adopt some of the characteristics of a rhinoceros.
Ursa - Adopt some of the characteristics of a bear.

SPEC (PA) - Spectre only
Blood - Reduce trauma by 1/2 skill roll
Cannibalize - Increase vitality by up to 1/2 skill roll by sacrificing Trauma.
Catseyes - Decrease darkness penalties by 1/2 skill roll.
Possum - Feign death.
Preaction - Increase combat targets and beat determination by 1/2 skill roll.

Concealment - Preventing oneself from being perceived by others.
Thievery - Taking things from others without or against their will.

Arctic - Cold, tundra-like conditions where ice and snow hold a firm grip.
Desert - From blistering heat to extreme cold in a span of 24 hours.
Forest - Temperate wooded areas.
Jungle - Tropical wooded areas.
Mountain - Rugged terrain where vertical faces and sheer drops are common.
Nomadic - Master of no domain, visitor to all.
Ocean - Survival on the open sea, typically on board a ship of some sort.
Subterranean - Covering everything from natural caves to man-made caverns.
Swamp - Marshy, muddy terrain.
Urban - Life on the streets, in the alleys and in the bars and clubs.

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