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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Skill Limits

Skill Limits
The total of your Mental Potential and Physical Potential (MP + PP) is equal to the number of Specific skills you can know at one time. One half of this number is equal to the number of Narrowed skills you can learn. And one half of that number is equal to the number of Broad skills you can learn. Round normally (1.5 rounds up to 2).

Ex.: My MP and PP add up to 24. I can learn 24 Specific skills, 12
Narrowed skills and 6 Broad skills. If the total was a 25, I would round
up, and have 25 Specific, 13 Narrowed, and 7 Broad.

No skill in any tier can be raised higher than the appropriate Potential Score during icon creation.

Ex.: My MP is 11 and my PP is 13. I cannot spend more than 11 points
points in any mental skill tier, or 13 in any physical skill tier,
during the creation of my icon.

No skill tier level can be higher than its parent tier. That is to say, no Specific level may exceed its parent Narrowed level, and no Narrowed level may exceed its parent Broad level in any skill at any time. This applies both at character creation and during gameplay, when increasing skills.

Ex.: Jimbob's Broad knowledge of Medicine is at 10. He has a Narrowed
realm of knowledge as concerns being a Doctor (10) and in his studies as
a doctor, he's picked up some Specific Knowledge as an Allergist (9).
Jimbob would like to become better as a Doctor, but he can't raise his
Doctor skill level of 10 to an 11 because his Broad Medicine skill is at
10--he must first raise Medicine to 11, and then he can raise Doctor to
11 as well.

The reason for this checks-and-balances system is simple: a person cannot learn to fly before they learn to walk. You cannot become an expert at playing the guitar unless you know all the basics of musical theory, at least on some level. You cannot be a master painter unless you know about colors and pigments and light and contrast. In short, you need to master the basics before you can master the specifics. Nobody becomes a brain surgeon before they first learn what a bandage is.

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