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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Icon Description

Before you get started, it's probably helpful to decide what you want your icon's name, age and gender to be. There are no hard rules to selecting a name--anything goes. Just keep in mind this is a more-or-less realistic world, so fantasy names like Borak or Mystianna are probably not a good idea. However, many of the genotypes, particularly the Goth-derivatives, are pretty keen on history, so picking a name from the past is perfectly acceptable if you've got a good reason for it.

In general, you can be as young as you want to be, although it's generally a good idea to play someone who's at least 16 or 17 years old, since society will treat younger icons as children and give them a hard time when it comes to certain activities (not to mention the fact that most genotype abilities don't fully manifest until after puberty).

Maximum age limits, however, are a more strict issue, since some of the genotypes did not exist a few decades ago.

Daemons are the youngest of the genotypes, having first begun appearing only as recently as 2071 or thereabouts. This would make the oldest daemon around 29 years of age. Psychos are only slightly older than Daemons, first appearances recorded only in 2070 or so. Obviously, this makes the oldest known Psycho about 30 years of age in the year 2100.

Vampires, Morphs, Shifters and Goths all began appearing in or around the year 2067, making the oldest of their kinds approximately 33 years old.

Savants are the oldest of the "Goth" Genotypes, first appearing around 2054 or thereabouts. The oldest "original" savants would thus be around 46 years of age in 2100, while the bulk of the savant population, the "second generation" if you will, will be in their late twenties or early thirties.

Ragers are a unique case. First of all, Ragers are not usually "born," but are created using humans just entering puberty. Secondly, the first Ragers were created for the military in or around 2047 in preparation for World War III. Between the war and the Ragers' relatively short life expectancy, this makes it extremely unlikely that any members of the first generation of Ragers would be alive in 2100. Second generation Ragers (created during the close of the War in the late '60s) would be nearing the end of their careers (and lives), in their mid fifties and extremely unhealthy if not bedridden. Third generation Ragers (those that make up the bulk of the Rager population) would be in their late thirties or early forties, and would likely be just beginning to experience more serious health problems. The fourth generation of Ragers will be in their mid twenties and at the peak of their conditioning.

Spectres first appeared several years after Ragers, created during the early- to mid-'50s using mostly teenage subjects. Spectres, however, not only saw less intense action, but tended to be healthier and longer-lived, meaning that there are, indeed, first-generation Spectres still alive in 2100 (in their late sixties). Second-generation Spectres created during the closing days of WWIII will be in their early- to mid-fifties, and still in very good physical condition. Third and fourth generation Spectres will be in their late thirties and early twenties (respectively) and in perfect health.

Humans, of course, have been around for thousands of years. Based on life expectancies, it is quite possible that a human could be well into their late nineties in the year 2100 and still be capable of more than seclusion in a hospital. Most humans in the year 2100 will be between the ages of 20 and 50.

Height/Weight (English)
Here's how the genotypes compare with one another physically using the English system of measurement. Height is in feet/inches, weight in pounds, with a standard deviation of +/- 6.5 lbs/inch for males, and +/- 5 lbs/inch for females.

Daemon: [ Male 5'9", 130# ] [ Female 5'7", 120# ]
Goth: [ Male 6'2", 190# ] [ Female 5'8", 160# ]
Human: [ Male 6', 185# ] [ Female 5'7", 150# ]
Morph: [ Male 5'10", 175# ] [ Female 5'7", 145# ]
Psycho: [ Male 5'11", 200# ] [ Female 5'9", 165# ]
Rager: [ Male 6'6", 500# ] [ Female 6'3", 350# ]
Savant: [ Male 5'9", 165# ] [ Female 5'5", 130# ]
Shifter: [ Male 6'3", 300# ] [ Female 6'1", 250# ]
Spectre: [ Male 5', 125# ] [ Female 5', 105# ]
Vampire: [ Male 5'9", 100# ] [ Female 5'5", 90# ]

1 foot = .3 meters, 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 pound = .454 kilograms

Height/Weight (Metric)

Here's how the genotypes compare with one another physically using the metric system. Height is in meters/centimeters, weight in kilograms, with a standard deviation of +/- 1.2 kilos/cm for males, and +/- .9 kilos/cm for females.

Daemon: [ Male 1m75, 59kg ] [ Female 1m70, 54kg ]
Goth: [ Male 1m88, 86kg ] [ Female 1m73, 72kg ]
Human: [ Male 1m83, 83kg ] [ Female 1m70, 68kg ]
Morph: [ Male 1m78, 79kg ] [ Female 1m70, 66kg ]
Psycho: [ Male 1m80, 91kg ] [ Female 1m75, 75kg ]
Rager: [ Male 1m98, 227kg ] [ Female 1m91, 159kg ]
Savant: [ Male 1m75, 75kg ] [ Female 1m65, 59kg ]
Shifter: [ Male 1m91, 136kg ] [ Female 1m85, 113kg ]
Spectre: [ Male 1m52, 57kg ] [ Female 1m52, 48kg ]
Vampire: [ Male 1m75, 45kg ] [ Female 1m65, 41kg ]

1 meter = 39.37 inches, 1 cm = .39 inches, 1 kg = 2.21 pounds

Click below to view word lists you can use to help create your character's description. Roll a die to determine which term to use if you're creating a random character for the other icons to interact with, or if you're stuck while generating your own icon.

Descriptive Term
Eye Color
Favorite Color
Hair Color
Negative Trait
Positive Trait
Skin Color

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