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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Modifiers

In general, you can apply penalties in chunks of -10 or -20 based on the percentage of light compared to "normal daylight." Thus, darkness would be -100, twilight -80, dusk -60, low light -40, poor light -20. Being in a too-bright situation is as penalizing as being in a too-dark situation; apply penalties as appropriate, with "staring at the sun" or a phosphorous grenade being -100, and so on down.

-100 Total Darkness
-80 Twilight
-60 Dusk
-40 Low Light
-20 Poor Light

+20 Bright
+40 Halogen
+60 Intense
+80 Painful
+100 Blinding

In addition, going rapidly from too bright to too dark, or vice versa, is even more crippling. Thus, it is quite possible to suffer the effects of darkness and light at the same time. In situations like this, add the penalties together and apply the total to the target. For example, I am in a really dark room (-60) and my eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness when someone suddenly shines a bright halogen spotlight (-40) in my face; my total penalty is -100. Or, I am in a dark club (-40) where strobe lights (-20) are flashing; the total penalty is -60.

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