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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Automatic Success

Sometimes a target number will indicate automatic success (exceeding a 100 percent chance) in which case the action automatically succeeds (hitting the broad side of a barn, hitting yourself in the face, etc.). You need not even go to the rolling phase--you simply succeed at the task.

Ex.:Jestyr is a master of computers. Hacking into a MTXP-II-based server,
he adds the appropriate tiers (Engineering:25, Computer:25, Hacking:25)
to get a 75, and then adds in his MS of 25 to get a Target of 100. Since
it is impossible to roll more than 100, this is an automatic success,
and he can skip the roll.

In short, a Target of 100 or higher is an automatic success, unless difficulty modifications would lower your chance below 100. Likewise, while you cannot ROLL a 0, Targets can be 0 or less than 0, meaning no chance of success (rewiring a space shuttle with a pair of tweezers, getting your husband to stop and ask for directions, etc.)

Ex.1:Kram wants to hack into a MTXP-II-based server. He is a complete
goon and has no engineering (0) or computer skill (0) whatsoever. He
cannot even try, unless the administrator wants to give him a shot at it
using his raw MS (Mental Strength).

Ex.2:Rafe knows a little about computers (Engineering:4, Computers:1).
Since he knows how to turn a machine on, he can at least try. To his
subtotal of 5 he adds his MS (a pitiful 5) giving him a total of 10.
However, the Administrator has decided that since Rafe is using an old
Amiga to do the hack, he is applied a -25 penalty to all hacking
attempts. Since this places his Target at a total of -15, the hack is
impossible. The attempt fails automatically.

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