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© 1996-2008
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The MUD Slide

Iconoclast -- Credits

Created and written by Corey Mosher & Michael Fiegel
Original concept by Corey Mosher

Additional content by Sylvia Gimenez, Dixie Li, Matt Linton & Kenshiro Aette

Iconoclast, the Iconoclast Role-Playing Game, and all related materials are Trademark & Copyright 1996-2001 aethereal FORGE, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

All other code, graphics, texts, music and other media created for Iconoclast are copyright by their respective authors.

Fast icon intro song is "Bitter" by The Union Underground, from their album "An Education in Rebellion." Slow icon intro song is "Dawn of the Iconoclast" by Dead Can Dance, off their Aion album. Both songs used without permission. Please don't sue us.

Iconoclast is dedicated to Samura Kane (1976-1998).

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