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Iconoclast -- Glossary

The following are some terms commonly used in 21st Century drug culture, including slang, corporate double-speak, and certain words which originated in the latter half of the 21st century:

ANTI-FREEZE - Street slang for Lithium Dicarbonate, a powerful anti- psychotic used in helping psychos regain a measure of control. Because Anti-Freeze was designed for the genetic makeup of a psycho, anyone else who uses this drug has an intense lapse of schizophrenia.

BANSHEE - Popular easy to manufacture substance known for a very long and pleasant high. The name is derived from the screams that accompany the very painful crash that always follows. Known to have adverse effects on Ragers, Psychos, and anyone with a violent nature.

CREDIT - A common term for single shot dispensers as they are shaped like credits, except for a small metal nub that dispenses nano-tech units that determine the precise location to place the injection.

GOLDFISH - so doped on drugs that ones eyes roll around "like goldfish in a fishbowl."

HYPO - spaz, wastoid, totally out of it. Derived from the needles used by addicts, and used in reference to them and those who act like them.

LIQUID RAINBOWS - high achieved through the use of substances.

MARTYRDOM - A last resort for desperate assassins. This drug targets all of a person's organ systems and sets them on overdrive for about half an hour. At the half hour, give or take a moment, all systems shutdown, and unless your insurance is paid...

"ASA officials speculate that the spectacular assassination of City Official Jerak North was accomplished by a presently unidentified individual, who somehow leapt to the fourth story window without any mechanical aid, took some forty-three bullets from ASA appointed security personnel, and beheaded City Official North with bare hands. Sources speculated as to the possible cover up by saying, 'They must be losing it to expect us to buy this bullshit story.'"

NECROTIC DAWN, NOD - One of the most popular substances in New Aurora. Released in early 2100 by the New Dawn Corporation, it was hailed as the first truly "safe" recreational drug.

NOOTROPICS - A word for chemicals that can boost brain performance. Also known as smart drugs. Nootropics can do three different things: minimize the natural deterioration of one's brain functions; repair damage already done; or enhance brain functions above usual levels. Nootropics can be drugs, nutrients or herbs, and can have many different names. Some of the most well-known nootropics include: Piracetam, Hydergine, Vasopressin, Some B- Vitamins and amino acids, Choline and Lecithin.

OD IN TRAINING - heavy junkie.

QUID ZONE - high achieved through the use of substances.

ROIDS, RD'S - steroids.

SMART DRUGS - (see nootropics).

STREET TWEETER - derives from "stool pigeon". Person who is involved in criminal activities but sells valuable info to authorities in symbiotic relationship.

STUN - powerful narcotic, causes almost instantaneous state of numbness and confusion. Popular drug among impoverished citizens, also occasionally used by medical teams as a quick painkiller due to its immediate effectiveness.

10-BASE TEA - very popular Tech drug. rumored to grant temporary daemon like experiences. Daemon population greatly resent the existence of this substance. "It's Tea-Time!"

ZONE DREGS - junkies.

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