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Iconoclast -- Glossary

The following are some commonly used terms, including slang, corporate double-speak, and certain words which originated in the latter half of the 21st century:

ABOVE CRITICAL - out of control and in danger of imminent destruction, collapse or meltdown. A polite way of saying "screwed."

AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE - getting them before they get you.

ALTERATION OF TERRAIN - a bombing or artillery attack.

ANTIASSIMILATIONISM - the belief that members of "nonempowered groups" do not have to adopt the beliefs, customs or laws of the predominant culture.

ASSA'S, ASSES - Auroran Security Agency (ASA) personnel, derogatory.

AUGMENT (with a baseball bat) - To beat the snot out of someone, especially their face.

AU REV, AUREV - derived from the French "Au Revoir", or good bye.

BABY-KILLER, BK - insult for assassins and ragers.

BANG - not, never, no way; represents more disbelief than negation, derived from colloquial term for "!", which in coding lingo represents negation. -different from-
BANG ON - right on, dead straight, that's right.

BITCH - major insult for a female shifter.

BLOOD-SUCKER, BS - insult for vamps.

BRAIN KRUNKH - (pron. Brain Crunch) insult for psychos and savants; more insulting because it associates the two groups with one another.

BUDDHA - a fat savant, implying a lack of concern for one's appearance.

BUGSY - insult for psychos.

BUTT-ROIDS - insult for ragers.


CAREER CHANGE OPPORTUNITY - see "career alternative enhancement program".

CARRIER - an unwilling courier, often unknowing as well, as in a case where someone was implanted with a chip or had a device dropped in a bag.

CLAYFACE - insult for morphs.

CHIHUAHUA - insult for shifters.

CLUSTER FUCK, CF - getting jumped/mugged by many attackers at once.

'CORPO - corporate personnel.

CORPSE - Derogatory slang for corporate personnel.

CRUP - "bastard" really insulting for any race.

DARKIE - insult for goths.

DECKHANDING - guarding a daemon or techie who has technical things to worry about, and who cannot bother to protect him/herself.

DEPOPULATION - genocide.

DIRGE - a suicide mission, as in "He's playing his own dirge going after that Alpha Goth."

DIRTBOY/GIRL - a citizen who lives in the underground areas of the city.


ENERGETIC DISASSEMBLY - blowing up, as in "an energetic disassembly".

EUNUCH - insult for techie, implying a lack of sex life.



FLATLAND - non-Virtual Reality, non-GUI computer interface preferred by those hackers who are not daemons.

FLOOPIE - derogatory term for any old media, derived from the mis- pronunciation of "floppy disk"; can refer to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, ZIP disks or even true floppy disks from the 20th and 21st centuries.

FRICTION - when things go horribly wrong, as in "We ran into a little friction when the warpods showed up."

FUZZIES - derogatory slang for shifters. Same context as "niggas" when said by one black man to another. When one shifter calls another "fuzzy", it's friendly. Anyone else, it's a grave insult.

GANGBANG (also, GANGRAPE) - several people working together to assault a single target. May refer to a group of hackers trying to take down a system, or a group of gang members mugging someone.


GILTED - cheated, implying a "gilding" over the truth, cross between "jilted" and "gilded".

GRAY - any assassin, or rager, or anyone who kills for money; obscure term -different from- GREY - 1. a corpse, as in "He's a grey already." 2. to die, as in "I'm gonna grey that bastard." 3. poisoned, as in "This drink is greyed."

GUNSHOT VOLUME - Music or other noise so loud as to cover up the sound of gunfire; often an exaggeration.

'HANDING - see "deckhanding".

HANDS-OFF MANAGEMENT - doing nothing.

HEALTH ALTERATION - murder, from the Americorp assassination unit referred to as "the health alteration committee".


INTEL - information, usually digital, shortened perversion of "intelligence".

JELLO - insult for morphs.

JELLY - one thousand Yen, from the abbreviation "One KY" (K from kilo, meaing 1000, and Y from Yen).

KNIGHT - hit-man, derived from "Professional Mercenary," or "PM," or "night".

KRUNKH - (pron. Crunch) kill.

LUCIFERED - fired from a high-paying job, derived from the phrase "he got tossed outta heaven".


MIND WHORE - insult for daemons.

MISCARRIAGE - used to refer to all goths and goth-derivative races.

MOWING THE LAWN - originally a military term, now common among gangs, used to refer to the indiscriminate killing of every living thing within an area, often including vegetation and animal life.

NEUTRALIZE - assassinate.


PIT FIEND- someone who goes to clubs to get into fights in the moshe pits.

"PLAN B" - the alternative plan when the original option has failed; also referred to as "shooting everything and then blowing it all up".

PREEMPTIVE COUNTERATTACK - see "aggressive defense".

PUREE - a messy kill, or, a corpse that has suffered a messy death.

RAGER - insult, but usually not considered one, as in the case of black men calling each other "Nigga" in a chummy sort of way. Refers to humans who have undergone the hormonal and genetic alteration necessary to turn them into massive, strong and nearly unstoppable killing machines. The practice was most common, and actually encouraged, among those in the military.

RENDERED NONVIABLE - killed, or dead, depending on how you word it.

REARRANGEMENT - massive destruction, as in "nuclear core rearrangement."

RIPPED - jumped, mugged, or attacked, usually severely.

RUN - a job, or a mission, whether virtual or physical, usually lasting less than a week, as in "I did a run at Burger King last week...today I gotta run for some guy that wants me to find him some good NOD."

SAYO - short for Sayonara, or "good-bye".

SEX - prostitute, as in "She's nothing but an old, used sex."

SHEEPLE - Amalgam of "Sheep" and "People" 1. Groups who reactively act from advertising, fads and trends 2) Those who let others think for them.

SLAMMED - see "ripped".

SLIRK - "Smart Little Rich Kid". A very bratty, pretentious, young child with great technical prowess using daddy's money for "toys." These types become either either fantastic entrepreneurs/engineers, or totally renegade, technical criminals upon becoming of age.

SMORE - Derogatory term for an annoying person. "Dude, quit being such a smore." Origin unknown, probably derived from "moron", est. 2000 AD.

SPARKS, SPARKIES - insult(?) for daemons.

SPECTRE - originally an insult, now the accepted term to refer to humans who have genetically and hormonally augmented themselves to become smaller, quicker and more agile, making them better assassins, scouts and couriers. Though the practice fell out of favor after the wars, some still undergo the process.

SPLATTER - see "puree".

SPLATTERPUNK - ganger, murderer or anyone extremely violent for no reason.

SQUEE - combination of "squeal" and "flee," basically means to flee like a frightened little child, or the person performing this action.

SUITS - corporate personnel.


THEORETICALLY - common suffix for sentences involving any highly illegal activities, as in "We go down to his house, knock on the door, bash his face in, shoot his dog, then tie him to the back of the hoverbike and drag him for a few miles. Theoretically, of course."

TILDE - approximately, from the "hacker" term, as in "there's tilde fifteen of em in there".

TRUCKER LINGO - As in "Head on," "Left of center," "Hit the brakes," etc., Conversational words used amongst truckers and others who make their living on the road. Most meanings are obvious. "You're head on with that argument." "Whoa, hit the brakes there. Did you say he was head on? I think he was driving a little left of center there if you ask me." Etc.

UPWARDLY MOBILE CITIZENS - poor and homeless, who have nowhere to go but up.

VAMPIRE - see "rager".

VAMP SUCKER - major insult for vampires, as it implies that they are cannibals.

VITAL ACTIVITY - people, as in "Nuclear weapons destroy everything. Biological weapons are more...beneficial. They don't destroy buildings, they only destroy vital activity."

VOMIT - unwanted discharge from a weapon, in the form of smell, noise and light. Good guns have "no vomit" as in railguns or silenced weapons.

WHITIE - insult for vampires.

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