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Iconoclast Tech Links

The following links have been gathered over the months and years by Iconoclast admins and players alike. They are, for the most part, links to real-world news organizations on the Internet carrying stories about technological and social events taking place in our world, right now (although a few of them are just thrown in there because they're weird, funny, or both). Whether you treat them as evidence that the Iconoclast world is coming true, or interesting game material, or just something to pass the time, we're sure you'll find at least one or two of them interesting in some fashion.


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Bionic Hand Success Hailed

Wireless Optics

Nerve chip goes live

Chips to allow neural link to feel other's sensations, even orgasms

General Tech

Digital Comics

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Buckyball Transistors

E-paper Advances

Wearable PCs

Quantum Crypto

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel

Tracer Optical Mouse Control

BW Online | January 18, 2001 | The Mind-Spinning Potential of the Spherical Motor

Ford 24-7 Cars

Japan's NTT firstto offer IPv6

IBM develops world's most advanced quantum computer

Video Phones

Radio faces high tech threat

Microsoft Wireless Server

Photon Chips

Electronic Fabric

Light can break light speed

Sattelite to monitor weather

Thumb-activated alarm system

Ginger scooter

Japanese invent world's tiniest robot

Disposable Cell Phone

Quantum laser turns electron wave into memory

Quantum laser turns electron wave into memory

Lucent venture eyes holographic storage technology

Computer of 2010

Future Horizons: Advanced Technologies ((catalog style website for futuristic products))

Flexible Rubber Keyboard Article

How Disposable Cell Phones Will Work

How Printable Computers Will Work

IBM's Quantum Computer

Chronology of Personal Computers

UCAVs spread their wings(new type of american air craft)

New Internet protocol

Company working on creating/altering textiles at a molecular level to improve durability and special characteristics in everyday fabrics.

A suit outfited with sensors that allows a person to conduct music.

Robotic insect development, sponsored by the military, that can theoretically cross a desert, make it to a way-point and come back on just basic, pre-programmed instincts. Possible use in the reconnaissance feild.

Getting the internet more localized, (ie, It's easy to find tickets to a theater in Italy, but why isn't it just as easy to figure out when the hardware store down the street closes?)

"Microchips that control hovering atoms may lead to new quantum computers"(may wanna take a look at this one yourself, bunch of unintelligable nonsense to me.)

A much faster way to travel underwater, for the same amount of energy.

"Optical Scientists To Develop Eyeglasses With Autofocus", basically, 'smartglasses'

Nanotechnologists get a squirt gun, almost

News: Olympics merchandise tagged with DNA

Cell Phone popularity

Astrophysics computer web : The grid

Helium3 power source for earth

barcode specifications

Wearable PC

Electronic Books and the evolution of E-paper

Fiber optics Ultra high tech Photonics

Boffins make real life tractor beam

Plane stuff


Internet2 Crosses the Border

Artificial Intelligence by using the users' computers

3D Projection Without the Glasses

lifelike 3d digital projections

n-Dimensional Superswitch

Cell phone that beats DSL

Digital Books

PALM voice access?

E signatures

NC State Engineers Developing Desktop 3-D Laser Printer

Big Brother/Police

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Privacy International 'Big Brother Awards' ((Awards for people resposible for the destruction of privacy))

Cops take plastic

FBI School Profiling

Kursk mother is forcibly sedated

Internet drug Bust

A mother fed her baby to the dog.

State Senate OKs Licenses On Handguns

Companies fight hackers

The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page

iCourthouse: 'net justice


Giant Wave Could Threaten New York

Ozone Hole over south america


US insults Korea

51st State is Caloregon?

Office of Intergovernmental Relations

House accepts vote to widen china's trade access


world future society

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

A public-private joint venture to make computing as common as breathing

Multilateral Agreement on Investments

Robots Ruling

People of Los Angeles County and their State of Health

Public-health organizations want FDA to regulate reduced-smoke cigarette

Water Supplies Diminishing

Driving While Dialing

Runglish spoken on space station

Dine & Dash to the next level

Black population growing

Democracy and Sprawl

Japanese employment

New York, 1790 to 1945; An Urban and Cultural History

U.S. Disaster Risk Rises With Growth

Robotic parking system in Hoboken NJ

Etched Glass Graffiti

Microsoft Antitrust case

Women encouraged to learn how to use weapons

Marijuana liked to appetite

San Francisco wireless underground

Microsoft X-box, commentary on marketability

Cyberpunks in Cyberspace: The Politics of Subjectivity in the Computer Age

TIMEasia.com | The Future of Drugs | 1/22/2001

The mind of a hacker

Modern sea pirates

Kids that wear trenchcoats and combat boots in the dead zone

Lone atheist with guitars and a website

Kids Out-Click Jaded Teens

China Decides It's Internet Crazy

How advanced robotics and technology threatens the human race

Robots do not yet have the potential to rule the world.


Link Title

Link Title

House picture

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Lundahl Scientific Geodesic Domes

The Big Dig

Public housing often near toxic sites

Cities Studied as Ecosystems

Freedom Ship

SubTropolis: Underground Business Complex

3D homes on the internet.


Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Head Transplants

Cloned Human by 2003

Genetically Altered Babies Born

Color Changing Mouse Created

Cloning Small Flies

Mouse Teeth Cloned

Anti-aging drug

Mighty Mouse Bred in Lab

Brown engineering and neuroscience group wins grant for brain study

British panel recommends human cloning for cell research

Cloned Pork

Stem Cell Research

Blood alternative possible

Microsurgery, toes become fingers

Cloned Mice Show no premature aging

Mouse that feels

Cancer pill

Dutch biometrics


Oxygen and sugar boost brain power

Cloning becomes harder with each successive generation.

British scientists allowed to clone human embryos for research purposes.


Profiting from Genes

News: biotech studies exaggeration

Life extending drugs

Average age of humans increasing

Test Tube Baby for backup

Long and happy lives

Human skull is an evolutionary riddle

DNA bombs

Researchers Identify Caffeine Gene

Video Pill Probes Intestines

A Cut Above Traditional Surgery

Healing protein sprays

Human mutation


Travels in Oregon


USDOC/NOAA/NESDIS/National Geophysical Data Center

Oregon webring


Link Title

Link Title

Monkeys the new weapon of Paris gangs


Link Title

The Contortion Home Page

Schoolgirl Assassins

Japanese girls with knives


Rager picture

Link Title

Link Title

Oxygent Blood Replacement


Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Violent Brain Scans

Scientist are attempting to figure out the human brain, by examining the brain of a sand mouse.

Manipulating a computer with thoughts and high-tech equipment.

How nerve endings in the brain connect.

Human brains capabilities unlimited

Database to store info on human conscience and reveal digital subconscious


Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Link Title

Goat Silk

Military Exoskeletons

Cyborg technology designed to make U.Ssoldiers more effective

pictures of 2 .45 High Capcity modified handguns

Joint Vision: Future Warfare

Family Defense products ((Wholesale prices on pepper stray, stun guns, alarms, safety, security))

Gun Glossary Letter A

How Military Pain Beams Will Work

Military ExoSkeletons

Power suit that helps nurses lift patients with ease.

New Super Gun Fires Bullets Super Fast

Sandline International

Ultra fast guns under research

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