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The MUD Slide

Iconoclast -- RPG -- Balance Issues

We all know the type: he's the one-dimensional, strong, silent ninja cyborg soldier assassin who wades into combat and mows everything down with his laser machine gun. If you have a difficult player in your campaign who's intent on playing characters who are only good at one thing, perhaps you should remove their capacity to do that one thing from the game:

Admin: The assassin runs into the oddly-shaped Metal chamber.

Bob: We chase after him. Jimbo, guard the rear.

Jimbo: No way. I draw my water-cooled minigun and charge after them.
My combat score is 157. He's toast. As usual.

Admin: Too late. As you rush after your friends, the laser defense
system shuts after them, and before you. While your three
friends with realistic combat skills must fight to the death,
you must solve a battle of wits.

Jimbo: Crap. I'm dead.

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