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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Death

As alluded to above, "death" by itself is, thus, not necessarily permanent. Brain death is. So when you dip below 1 Trauma, you die, but you are not brain dead until you reach a negative Trauma equal to your PE. This gives the insightful and clever admin a multitude of ways to save your carcass.

Obviously, if you're dropped into a sealed vat of acid, or you are caught at ground zero when the missiles hit, you're dead. But in most "death" situations, there are ways out:

1. EMTs. If the icon dies in a city or other populated area, an EMT crew
can be called. If the icon has medical insurance or money of some sort,
such a pickup will cost them, but it's better than death. Even if they
have no money, an EMT crew must, by law, save your life. Thus, a trip to
the hospital is always a good save, if possible. These guys can show up
whenever it's convenient or dramatic, because anyone could have called
them. Keep in mind, though, that if a neighbor called the EMTs, it's a
safe bet that the Police are on the way as well.

2. First Aid. It's a safe bet that someone in the group will have some
form of medical experience. If this is the case, they can use their
skill, and a hefty amount of Meta, to perform a medical miracle and
bring a dead icon back to life.

3. Doctor in the House. Someone in the bar has to have SOME degree of
medical experience, right?

4. Med Tech. Thanks to the wonders of medical technology, things like
nanites exist. A medkit and a couple of nanite patches are nearly the
equivalent of a trained Trauma team... at least in the interim. Minx
goes down, you slap 2 patches on her and keep firing, while snapping her
medicard. The EMTs get there 20 minutes later, and Minx is stable
because of the patches.

5. Nearby Clinic or Hospital. There's always a good chance that right
around the corner is that handy 24 hour clinic, or, in a pinch, a
veterinarian, midwife or a back alley doctor.

6. Extremes. You're in the wilderness? Maybe there just so happens to be
an SCA encampment over the next hill. On the side of the road? Perhaps
that trucker who's slowing down has a medical kit. In the middle of a
forest? Better hope that Shifter tribe approaching you is friendly.

Just keep in mind that just like there's a time to live, there's also a time to die. After the 17th time you almost died and were rescued by the EMTs at the last minute, it's safe to assume that maybe you're stretching the limits of realism a bit further than they were meant to be stretched. There are 20 different ways "not to die," but when you've used them all up, maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell you something.

Also keep in mind that repeated trips into the world of near-death can leave you scarred, mentally and physically. Each time you die, there's a good chance that something's not coming back with you. Maybe you lose your left arm, or your right eye, or parts of your sanity. We're not going to make a little chart for this--we encourage the player and his or her admin to come up with something clever. It's all about the game, after all.

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