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Iconoclast -- RPG -- Influence

If you're looking for a replacement for "levels," the influence system is designed to provide a rigid, defined system for "leveling" icons and keeping track of/allowing advancement, while allowing admins maximum flexibility and control of advancement, awards, skill, and role playing.

Who do you know? Who knows you? As a consequence of role-playing, icons can gain or lose influence and reputation within your campaign. We recommend keeping track of this using the same 1-100 scale we use for everything else. Starting icons roll a 1d10 to determine starting influence. Not only can this aid in role-playing, but it is another means of reward outside of awarding points, increasing skills, etc.

Gaining and losing power and influence in your own circles can happen rapidly, based on game play. Wearing the right clothes appropriate to your circles could even add 1 or 2 points. Saying the wrong thing could leave you an outcast. Best of all, the influence levels work whether you're a mass murderer or the ASA commissioner. After all, both Mother Theresa and Charles Manson wielded influence--it was merely in different circles.

Approximate-ish Influence Levels:
01-20 = You're no one. Zip. No one knows you, junkie.
21-40 = Regular person. Got friends, etc. An icon.
41-60 = Starting to get well known. Lots of friends, some good friends.
61-80 = Got influence. Can do things around town--well known.
81-00 = A true Iconoclast.

The influence number can be used for several things during game play. First, you can use the influence ranking to equate to the number of people who know you well enough to recognize you on the street. Multiply by 10 and you get the number of people who know you in some form. Divide by 10, and you get the number of friends, and enemies, that you have. Thus, if I have a 54 influence, there are about 540 people in my life (co-workers, friends, that waitress I gave a good tip to) who would recognize me, and of those, I consider up to 5 of them good friends, and up to 5 of them enemies.

Influence is included here because it need not be revealed to the icon, or be used at all. It's entirely up to the admin (or group of players).

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